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We have to set the training course today for such a growth: Processes in study and development have to accelerate, the IT environment has to be harmonized and consolidated. An important aspect can be optimized collaboration: This begins with the integration of standard business applications and leads presently to the professional adoption of innovative web 2 2.0 technology for industry specific social networks. But compliance issues can be challenging. Right here our industry initiative shows its specific strength: The strong industry concentrate of the Microsoft teams and our partners for the chemical, pharmaceutical and existence sciences industry allows us to develop innovative IT solutions taking into consideration regulatory guidelines and continuously changing marketplace circumstances.Additionally it is known that glaucoma individuals who have low blood pressure at night will develop visual field loss . Dr. Astakhov’s group compared time – and night-time systolic and diastolic bloodstream pressures in 12 sufferers who got migraine and glaucoma against 16 patients with migraine but no glaucoma. The only significant difference between the groups was in night time diastolic pressure: migraine individuals with glaucoma had excessive decreases-more than 20 %-in their diastolic pressure levels. ‘We conclude that low diastolic blood pressure during the night is a possible risk factor for glaucoma in patients with migraine,’ Dr. Astakhov said. IPhone Images: SUFFICIENT for Medical Use? Just like the rest of society, medicine increasingly relies on digital systems and mobile devices to manage work circulation and enhance communications.