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Accutest makes strategic growth into Latin America to support the growth of pharmaceutical sector Accutest Study Laboratories, a respected global Contract Research Business , further pursues its strategic growth into Latin America by starting offices and establishing operational existence in Brazil. Market surveys obviously indicate that Brazil is among the fastest growing pharmaceutical markets globally, using its huge population of more than 200 million, an expense friendly environment, a highly effective patent safety regime and a low incidence of spurious medicines relatively.However, the overall safety of the procedure is in the tactile hands of patients itself. If you are planning this sort of surgery also, then it is important to keep the following points in your mind. Credentials of Doctor It is a genuine fact that the results of any surgery do not lie totally in the hands of doctor however it is also vital that you keep in mind that the doctor is also the most important factor which plays a part in the safety of the patient. In order to find out that you are getting the surgery done from able hands is by speaking with doctor itself. During pre consultation ask your doctor that whether he’s a member of reputable institutions of plastic material surgeons or not.