Although there is some reason for concern H1N1 influenza.

– At that time it was not quite so clear as diseases like the flu are transmitted and what could be done the the transmission, said Parada, who is also medical director of infection control program at Loyola University Health System in Maywood. .. Although there is some reason for concern H1N1 influenza, especially during this time of the year threatens with the regular seasonal flu season, there is little reason to panic, said Parada. There are dramatic differences in medical knowledge and technology transfer, epidemiology and clinical care between 1918 and today.

Also, unlike 1918, there are two prescription drug effective against the H1N1 flu virus Tamiflu million. Doses of both drugs were from the federal and provincial governments was stockpiled for emergencies.Researchers after the study, by Imperial College London, University of Birmingham and the other institutions, suggests that listen to for their favorite tunes stroke patients persons with reduced visual perceptions helping ability to their ability to recover.

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