Compared to the 20 % to 50 % range of recanalization in most IV therapy studies said Andrew Slivka.

Partial or complete recanalization were treated in 75 % of patients with IA therapy at OSU and Case Western, compared to the 20 % to 50 % range of recanalization in most IV therapy studies said Andrew Slivka, a study co – author, neurologist and Head of Hub Division OSU Medical Center.

With a 24-hour clock treatment center is necessary in order to achieve the best results with the intra-arterial therapy, presented the Ohio State researchers. A team of radiologists and neurologists must be available around the clock and be ready for that quick answer, Slivka said. When blood flow to the brain is impaired, the brain will not tolerate it for very long time is essential that the faster we solve produce the clot again blood flow to that part of the brain, the more likely we are to have a good result. .– hospital pharmacist. Really looking this as a crisis in, they scramble to find drugs, said Joseph Hill to the American Society of health care – System Pharmacists.. Using the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health ResearchKaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, created in 1964, being a charitable research organization is dedicated to for improving the Spoken health. Time has research sites in in Portland, Honolulu, Hawaii and Atlanta. About 7 percent side effects reported or other problems from this medication.

As the 15 fatalities than 15 months gives an insight in the picture, many of the problems does not to go unreported and, at worst, the 2011 9 patients died and 10 more had problems in of bacterial contamination to in liquid nutritional, because sterile received fluid usually used Since 2006 food was not available.