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Goldstein, MD, states: ‘Future physicians will be likely to know the use of ultrasound within their clinical practice, regardless of specialty. At this right time, medical educators possess a unique and timely possibility to make use of ultrasound at the bedside as an innovative teaching modality in the undergraduate medical curriculum.’ Using ultrasound as a teaching device enhances traditional educational methods and brings concepts to life by looking in the body at anatomic structures and organ systems.The power of thought is there to greatly help us always. Therefore my warrior warrior and brothers sisters, I encourage you to always try and find the gifts throughout your journey. It will truly change the trip.

Alcohol ignition lock is being piloted Convicted drink-drivers will be prevented from utilizing their cars if they have consumed alcohol, in a pilot of fresh technology launched today. Offenders shall need to provide a breath sample to a device fitted in the vehicle. If the driver has already established a drink, the car won’t start.