Project leader Dr.

With computers. – Because conventional processor technology can only deal with information character by character, it is far too slow to analyze Internet traffic in real time, says project leader Dr. Sakir Sezer. We are developing parallel processors that will scale the processing of up to 32 characters at a time, so that is possible the real-time monitoring of large amounts of data, for the first time can ever be. Network provider to be able to install and to use, this technology provides greater protection for Internet users, and advanced user experience and efficient utilization / management of network resources.

Innovative computer automatically automatically and accurately interpret the behavior in live CCTV feeds are used in about 5 years in order to protect road users from possible assault, theft and other crimes.Decision transmittanceIs it to the transmission of HIV through of antiretroviral treatment? A collection of new articles of OA Journal of PLoS Medicine, has been published in association with the HIV Modelling Consortium, solves the pressing question is.