The largest global AIDS company.

AHF hails Pope Benedict’s remarks about condom usage to prevent HIV transmission AIDS Healthcare Basis, the largest global AIDS company, today hailed recent remarks by Pope Benedict XVI on the justified use condoms to avoid the pass on of potentially deadly illnesses like HIV that suggest a softening the Roman Catholic Church’s absolute opposition to condom make use of in all situations. In remarks provided in a six part interview to a German journalist who has written a book on the Pontiff , Pope Benedict stated of condom use: There can be single justified cases, and that using condoms could be a part of assuming moral responsibility in the intention of reducing the risk of infections. That statement drew world-wide condemnation and, in the weeks since, some Catholic bishops seems to have broken with the Vatican to call for the usage of condoms to fight HIV, the virus that triggers Helps.Peripheral anterior synechiae and adhesions may be visible between the cornea and the iris. Peripheral anterior synechiae might destroy the trabecular meshwork. Prior attacks may cause a poorly reactive pupil due to harm to the muscle of the iris.Glaucoma flecks are spots on the zoom lens of the eye. Glaucoma flecks might be seen if an acute attack of angle closure has occurred in the past.Atrophy of the iris provides further evidence of a prior attack if it occurred 3 or even more weeks prior to the eye exam. The atrophied portion of the iris appears gray, than blue rather, brown, or green.

ASIR coronary CTA technique reduces radiation dose by 27 percent A new low-dose coronary computed tomography angiography technique called adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction can decrease the radiation dose connected with coronary CTA by 27 %, according to a report in the September issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology while reducing rays dosage.