The study co-authors were Dr.

###the study co-authors were Dr. David Solet, epidemiology, Seattle – King County Department of Public Health and Colin Rehm, epidemiologist, Snohomish Health District, Snohomish County, Washington the research was supported by the Roadmap grant from the National Institutes of Health, through the UW Center for Obesity Research.

Range wealth good predictor of good predictor of access to healthy foods and opportunities for exercise.The UW study was the first, than previously thought. Area – based indexes of poverty and wealth in a metropolitan area. Previous studies have found higher obesity racial and ethnic minorities and groups of low education and income. Analyses of the same BRFSS shown data for King County that obesity is higher for African Americans than whites , and were higher for people with an annual income below $ 15,000 than for those with a incomes over $ 50,000 , the. All in line with national trends These differences were much lower than those dependent on ZIP codes and geographic location. The study found that the social and economic disparities in predicting in predicting obesity than previously thought..Hide squamous cell carcinoma is a subtype of highly aggressive type skin cancers generally occurs only in the sunexposed body parts , but can also affect a great number of organs such as the bladder, esophagus, lung, etc. However, comes as no the biology of these cells, making it difficult to the production of new targeted therapies known, actually the standard treatments have which the surgical and the subsequent radiotherapy.

Study, p53 and also the involvement of medical professionals the Medical Vienna University of, Austria, is published at the online version of the Journal of Clinical Investigation. – The guardian of the genome ‘, p53, division decreasing benefit cell differentiation.